Steven --- 橙色国际外教中心【厦门英语外教一对一专业服务机构】

ID: 211
年龄: 42
国籍: 加拿大
学历: 硕士


已经在厦门定居的优秀的加拿大外教,曾在仰恩大学,厦门各大培训机构,以及国际幼儿园教授,经验非 常丰富,可以教授各类型学生


教学年限: 6-10年


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Teaching Experience:

  • For the past 14 years I have taught in Universities such as: Ji Mei, Yang-En, Nan Chang, HuaQiao and Quanzhou Normal University. While my main target audience has been primarily university level students I have also taught all age groups ranging from children to adults in various training centers, such as, Web, Times, New Concept, Super Kids Summer Camp, Mike’s English, Global Training Center, Big Apple, Dahe, Jazz English, Earthman Language Center, Dong Chen Middle School and Au Bear pre-school.
  • I have also taught for private and international companies such as: Dell Computers, Xiamen Airlines, ABB and others: These Business English classes are much more intensive with a focus on product and service terminology, business oral/written English, with a focus on grammar and pronunciation and general spoken English, with a focus on listening comprehension and every day communication.
  • Private one-on-one style and small group lessons individually designed for various age groups. Early childhood education and pre-school classes which are very interactive and involve active learning as well as the “practice and repeat” memorization format.

Related Education:


University of Toronto                                                                (September 2005 to June 2006)

Major: Linguistics.

After I completed the first year’s course selections I left University to take a job in Shanghai.


Centennial College                                                            (September 1997 to May 2001)

Graduated with a Diploma in the field of Computer Science I majored as a Microcomputer Analyst and minored in Accounting, Marketing and general business practices.