Karah --- 橙色国际外教中心【厦门英语外教一对一专业服务机构】

ID: 202
国籍: 美国
学历: 学士
汉语水平: 正在学习


与丈夫Joseph一起来到厦门,拥有Tefl资质,曾教授厦门上李国际学校学生。教学经验丰富。有需要请预 定。


教学年限: 3-5年
资格证书: TEFL/TESL,
针对的学生类型: 小学生,初中生,大学生, 成年人


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I am currently working as a private English Tutor in Xiamen. I have experience in teaching Manila Xiamen International School and Xiamen International School students. I have had successful experience in homeschooling fourth, sixth and seventh grade, meeting the rigors of California educational requirements. I am able to create lesson plans that meet grade level school rubrics. I have previous experience in working within an elementary school classroom setting, helping children with reading, writing and language arts comprehension.



Palomar College – 2 years of psychology and early childhood education

Currently working on TESOL certification




Private English Tutor          Xiamen, Fujian

I am currently working in Xiamen as an English Tutor. I am teaching at an 8th grade level. I have had experience in teaching Manila Xiamen Intentional School and Xiamen International School students. I am familiar with elementary grade level requirements for XIS students and Jr High level requirements for MXIS students.



Administrative Manager          Terramar Associates LLC, Carlsbad CA

At Terramar Associates my duties included; teaching new staff to meet property preservation industry standards in billing, bidding, client and field crew relations. I managed client relations, accounts payable and receivable, assignment of work to regional employees and national subcontractors. I was in charge of general oversight of office work and business development for our offices in two States. This position required a high level of multitasking, problem solving and successful fruition of project completions. I was required to be self-motivated, work within stringent project deadlines and help other employees to do so. This position required having excellent communication skills and a proactive and productive work ethic.



Teaching Assistant          Magnolia Elementary School, Carlsbad CA

At Magnolia Elementary School I spent four years volunteering as a classroom teaching assistant. I taught children from the basic level ofABCs, up to forming short written stories. I graded classroom assignments and homework, assisted with helping children that were struggling to meet grade level requirements and provided teaching support for grades K-3.