Robert --- 橙色国际外教中心【厦门英语外教一对一专业服务机构】

ID: 200
国籍: 其它国家
学历: 学士
汉语水平: 正在学习




教学年限: 1-2年
资格证书: TEFL/TESL,
针对的学生类型: 大学生, 成年人


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Work experience:


2012 – Current, Various translation tasks

I’m often doing small translation jobs as I find them or they find me. I translate between Swedish and English.


2012 – 2013, Study coach, Upgrades Education AB

Alongside my studies I work as a study coach a few hours a week. I help teenagers with their homework and show them how to be an efficient student. I mostly help with math and language studies.


2011 – 2013, Market researcher, Academic work

I participate in research about the passenger load on local busses and trains in the Skåne region of southern Sweden.


2010, Conference host, Conference on Sino-Tibetan languages, Center for language and literature

My job was mainly concerned with making sure that technical aspects of the lectures were in order, but also other various responsibilities, such as preparing refreshments for the breaks, as well as guiding and accompanying the participants from the airport.


2007 – 2009 Monterpersonal at Dreamhack for Luleå university of Technology, Skellefteå

I was a student representative, promoting Luleå University at Dreamhack in Jönköping several times. Dreamhack is a bi-annual computer and games festival.


2005 Receptionist in Björksgatans Vårdcentral (Björksgatan’s clinic) in Luleå

I took care of miscellaneous administrative tasks like greeting clients and entering their info into the Patient Admissions database. I was also responsible for keeping the waiting room tidy and pleasant.

reference: Maria Snäll, +46920235320


Volunteer work


2011, Language café in Fågelskolan, Lund

I volunteered to participate in an initiative to improve English skills of Swedish teenagers.
For references please call Lotten Wengberg: 046-357520


2007 – 2008 Phösare/Överphösare, Students association in Skellefteå

As part of the welcoming of new students at Campus Skellefteå we arranged two weeks with lots of activites, games and parties with the support of the university administration and students health office. I had


Bartending, cooking, waitering and misc.

I have participated in running and administering a student pub on Campus Skellefteå. I did the same for different student pubs in Lund, as well as cooking and waiting on tables.




Linguistics studies at Lund University, Bachelor of Arts.

Three years of full time studies at Lund University majoring in Linguistics. I also studied a bit of Hebrew, Chinese and Political science.


Computer programming, Luleå University

A variety of courses in object oriented programming, computer hardware, AI and math from Luleå University of technology.


Technological basic year, Luleå University

Equivalent to Tech. high school degree. Provided courses in Physics, math, chemistry, electronics etc.


Humanities program with focus on society and history, Luleå High school

A basic high-school education with extra courses in politics, religion, philosophy and language.


Language skills

English:              First language
Swedish:             Completely fluent
Standard Chinese:  Intermediate level